Meet the Artist

After earning her degree in art education from Purdue University, Jan M. Saunders embarked on a wide-ranging artistic career that took her all over the country and led her to launch JMS Artistic Dimensions in 1985. By 1997 she was settling in Northeast Ohio and decided to focus all her company’s energies on her unyielding passion to create beautiful murals, fine art and more, that delight her clients. Jan brings a space to life with her custom designed murals, trompe l’oeil illusion, hand painted furniture and fine art pieces. Because of her phenomenal ‘eye for color’ and ability to connect with her clients, Jan is able to create works of art, in many styles, that “speak” to her clients and make each space memorable to those that enter.

There’s no limit to the possibilities of what can be created on a wall, a piece of furniture or a piece of custom art. A vibrant image can change the dynamics of a space and bring with it an energy and a story. A mural is interactive, can expand a space, and stir the imagination.  In a business setting a mural, wall treatment or decorative painting can help compliment and sell a product.

Jan is creating beautiful spaces throughout Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, the Midwest and beyond. She is happy to ship fine art pieces to throughout the country.  Let her show you the possibilities for your home or work space!

It all starts with an idea!…..Jan wants to hear your ideas and she has lots of her own to share with you!

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