Meet the Artist

Hi, I’m Jan Saunders and I guess my love for art started back in first grade, and that blue ribbon on my drawing helped to fan the flame. The creating started back then and hasn’t really ever stopped, just expanded and evolved as my journey changed.  A degree in Art Education from Purdue University started my path off teaching art in Indiana, next was drawing ad layouts in Illinois, hand painted clothing in Minnesota and painting murals, furniture, fine art and medical helmets in Ohio. No matter the subject or medium, it all comes down to producing beautiful artistic creations for others. 

I launched my business, JMS Artistic Dimensions in 1985 when I was drawing all those black and gray advertising layouts but named it JMS Artistic Dimensions (thanks to my sister) knowing my future might take me to other dimensions of the art world, and boy has it.
The number one thing for me is connecting with my clients and collectors because YOU inspire my next piece of art

When creating murals, or commissions, I want to see the space (for the mural: commercial or residential) and hear your story so I can design the art to be as unique as you.   I am also one who treasures heirlooms, snippets of the past, images that have meaning, the little pieces of your personal journey.  I like to then take those treasures and incorporate them into the art, to be with you always.  Why leave that special handwritten note, recipe or photo tucked away in a drawer, when it means so much to you?  Add it to the masterpiece! Have it up there on the wall to look at daily and remember! Let others see it and ask, so you can share that precious part of your story!

When creating pieces for my collections that are (soon to be) available for sale, I pull from nature, music and writings.  I like adding layers to art just like the many faceted dimensions of our lives.  Each serves a purpose, adds depth and creates interest. They are all another step….in the journey.

It all starts with ideas.  I want to hear yours and I have quite a few I could add to the mix so that together we can inspire that unique masterpiece I’ll paint for you!